Moderators 2016

Conference Moderators

malgorzata-ptaszynskaMargaret Ptaszynska

Margaret Ptaszynska is an international journalist and public relations specialist based in Chicago, IL. A graduate of the University of Warsaw, Margaret has an M.S. in Journalism and Political Science, and was the recipient of scholarships from NATO Headquarters and Berlin’s Humboldt University. She can be seen and heard covering national and local politics on Polish Radio and Television, as well as in print and online. At Polnet Communications, Margaret is an on-air personality who is well-known for her engaging interviews, but is also involved with New Business Development, client relations, and media marketing. She also leverages her position as a public figure to organize and promote cultural events for the community. A great source of pride for Margaret, these empowering and educational events help the people in our community network and grow. As a female immigrant, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing this group and enjoys the opportunity to help them succeed.

Margaret is a co-founder of, a contemporary news and culture website for the Polish community in America. She is also founder of Omnis Communications. Outside of her work in media, Margaret has been Executive Director of the Avondale Chamber of Commerce, and an adjunct instructor at Triton College. She can be seen each year at the on the announcer’s grandstand at the annual Polish Constitution Day Parade in downtown Chicago.

Margaret has received a number of awards for her work and community involvement, including a Journalist Excellence Award from the Illinois House of Representatives (2014), a Resolution from the City Council of Chicago (2012), and the Senate of the Republic of Poland Award (2009 & 2011) among others.

The Polish American Women’s conference was a dream of Margaret’s, and was made possible by the collaboration of many other generous members and organizations in the community.

Anna Tukiendorf-Wilhite Anna Tukiendorf-Wilhite

Anna Tukiendorf-Wilhite is the founder of Tukiendorf Training Institute also known as TTI Medical Training School and founder of All Over Pest Solutions. She is also President of Polish Women in Business, a Chicago based not for profit organization comprised of female owned Polish American businesses dedicated to supporting and developing its members’ interests.

Anna earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Environmental Engineering along with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management.

Anna’s journey towards entrepreneurship began over ten years ago when she worked managing public housing in Chicago. There, though her hard work and unbridled ambition, she developed her business acumen and a unique and dynamic approach to business.

Anna has always had a passion for helping others and making their lives better. Being an immigrant herself, she was very familiar with the struggles immigrants faced when building a career and finding their place in our society.

Using the skills she developed, she fulfilled her passion and founded Tukiendorf Training Institute which provides immigrants and other underprivileged persons, especially women, an opportunity to empower themselves through education and a lifelong career in the medical field. Anna has built a business that is not only prosperous, but provides her with the satisfaction of instilling confidence in others and helping them achieve their dreams.

Through Tukiendorf Training Institute, Anna has helped hundreds of students persevere through the challenges they faced, reach their goals and completely change their lives for the better. Instead of being overcome by a sometimes inescapable hardship, they now have an immense opportunity and can play important roles in our society.

Aside from being a highly successful business woman, Anna also knows the importance of balancing her professional and family life and is the proud mother of three children.

marta-almodowarMarta Almodovar

Marta Almodovar (born in Bialystok in the province of Poland) is a Polish-American long time community volunteer.

In Poland she received a Master of Law Degree at the University of Warsaw. During her studies she took a special interest in constitutional law. After completing her studies she moved to Chicago and since then has been working for the Circuit Court of Cook County. Currently she is the Administrative Supervisor at the Mandatory Arbitration Center.

She is an active member of the Illinois Supreme Court Access to Language Committee and Chicago Sister Cities International Warsaw Committee.

Marta is involved in many community projects mostly concentrating on education Chicago’s Polish community about how the Circuit Court of Cook County operates, how to navigate within Cook County legal system and many other legal topics.

Her passion is to organize educational seminars and information segments on Polish radio and TV, where she appears frequently.

Civic-minded she has been involved in various judicial and legislative elections.

Aneta GrzymalaAneta Grzymala

Aneta Grzymala is the manager of Grzymala Law Offices, P.C., a successful commercial litigation law firm based in Skokie, Illinois with a focus on serving the needs of small businesses and the construction industry. She is privileged and honored to be one of the co-organizers of the Polish Women’s Conference as a member of Polish Women in Business.

Aneta is a registered nurse by profession having earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008. She immigrated from Poland in 2001 with a passion to help others and worked hard to learn English and graduate from one of the country’s top nursing schools. She has been working for a major hospital in Evanston for the past several years and still practices nursing while managing the law firm.

Aneta views education as a way to empower her and to achieve her desired goals. Aneta also understands and appreciates the importance education has played in her life which helps her in the raising of her two small boys, Alexander and Christopher. Polish Conference