Marta Almodovar

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marta-almodowarMarta Almodovar

Marta Almodovar (born in Bialystok in the province of Poland) is a Polish-American long time community volunteer.

In Poland she received a Master of Law Degree at the University of Warsaw. During her studies she took a special interest in constitutional law. After completing her studies she moved to Chicago and since then has been working for the Circuit Court of Cook County. Currently she is the Administrative Supervisor at the Mandatory Arbitration Center.

She is an active member of the Illinois Supreme Court Access to Language Committee and Chicago Sister Cities International Warsaw Committee.

Marta is involved in many community projects mostly concentrating on education Chicago’s Polish community about how the Circuit Court of Cook County operates, how to navigate within Cook County legal system and many other legal topics.

Her passion is to organize educational seminars and information segments on Polish radio and TV, where she appears frequently.

Civic-minded she has been involved in various judicial and legislative elections.