Lucja Mirowska-Kopec

mirowskaLucja Mirowska-Kopec

Dr. Lucja Mirowska-Kopec is an effective leader with 34 years of experience in education. Since 1992, she has been employed at the Chicago public elementary and high schools. She has performed 26 years in a number of leadership positions, utilizing expertise and interpersonal skills along with current research, to empower and motivate students, parents, and teachers to build a community of learners.

She is a focused planner and forward thinker, who is able to identify objectives and achieve results within the school and beyond. As a result oriented individual, who is enthusiastic and dedicated to the educational field she has always been striving for high level of student achievement. Her strong organizational and exceptional team building skills as evidenced by the ability to implement and monitor projects and programs foster positive school climate and reach all students’ needs.

During her tenure at Chicago Public Schools and prior, Dr. Mirowska-Kopec was able to develop leadership skills through education and practice. She has graduated with M.A. in German Philology from the University of Wroclaw, M. A. in Urban Teaching at Columbia College in Chicago, M. A. at the Northeastern Illinois University in Educational Leadership, and a doctorate from the Nova Southeastern University in Educational Leadership. In her professional work, she haspracticed leadership skills in many capacities: team leader, department chair, bilingual lead teacher, assistant principal and, for the last ten years, principal.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Lucja Mirowska-Kopechas been involved in many Polish organizations where she serves in leadership positions as well as volunteers. She is involved in the Alliance of Polish Clubs, May 3rd Constitution Day Parade Committee, Council of Educators in Polonia, Legion of Young Polish Woman, St. Francis Borgia Parish Pastoral Council, Ella Flagg Young, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, and many more. For her dedication to the Polish Community she was awarded with the highest awards by the President of Poland and the Polish National Department of Education. She has received awards form the Mayor of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, and from the Northeastern Illinois Alumni Organization, to name a few.